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  • Limited 2000 made world wide
  • Offical Lienced from The Bruce Lee Estate
  • 1:6 scale ( 12" ) Statue of Bruce Lee
  • This museum quality porcelain sculpture comes with display lacquer base,
  • bronze numbered plate, numbered authenticity .
  • This sculpture captures a great feel of essence of Bruce Lee .
  • Founder of " Jeet Kuen Do ",
  • Bruce Lee considered himself a martial artist by passion & an actor by profession.
  • By combining physical techniques with scientific principles & encompassed by an underlying philosophy,
  • Bruce Lee created an efficient discipline of martial arts that allow for ultimate freedom of the individual .
  • The central tent of Jeet Kuen Do: "Using no way as way; Having no limitation as limitation"

Bruce Lee 1:6 Statue Martial Arts Master Tribute Maquette

SKU: MQ000000003
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