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  • WF Japan Event Limited : Succubus & Incubus 
  • Summon SeriesArt Statue 
  • Made In Japan
  • Succubus: 
  • Succubus Summon Series Art Statue
  • Made In Japan
  • Material: Resin Cast
  • measure 12" tall (30cm)
  • Lacquered Wood Base
  • Certificate Of Authenticity

This is an original design developed by the modeling artist Takashi Tsukada entitled SUMMON series.
Succubus is a kind of devil that causes men to fall down in the form of a woman called Yuma. 

The name comes from the Latin word "succubo".
In this art statue, it is expressed that the provocative eyes and body tempt the other party, 

and it seems that the leg is pushed out just to say that it gives up. 


This piece is hand-painted and finished,
with its own unique quality and detail
that is the trademark of a handcrafted
Art Of Toys custom product.


Succubus & Incubus Art Statue 30 cm Summon Takashi Tsukada

SKU: AS0000000013
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