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This book aims to offer fans of that most famous of all monsters, 
Godzilla, with an entertaining visual reference to their # 1 kaiju ("monster" in Japanese). 
Movies and television have provided us with scores of different kaiju over the years,
 but none have half the appeal of the original - and still best - Godzilla. 
His understated, yet the unique design is truly impressive from no matter what angle one views it.
 We hope that this collection of stills provides you with a new perspective on
Godzilla not found in a motion picture, as well as plenty of simple enjoyment!
 by Osamu Kishikawa
  • Volume 1 total 111 page 
  • Volume 2 total 111 pages 
  • measure 12" x 8.5" each book 
  • Item is exact as shown in photos 
  • 1st Print 1994 Hard Cover 

Godzilla Pictorial Book 1954 -1964 Hard Cover 1st Print Set Of 2 Osamu Kishikawa

SKU: PM000000002
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