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  • Introducing the large magnifying glass "MEGA Tired" with less image distortion and defocus.
  • Because it is a large lens with little image distortion, your eyes will not get tired and you can comfortably perform detailed work!
  • 像の歪みや焦点ズレが少ない大型拡大鏡『MEGA疲れんズ』が登場。
  • 商 品 名:MEGA疲れんズ
  • meaasure: 174mm H x 260mm W x 250 mm D 
  • (6.8" H x 10.2" W x 9.85" D) 
  • Metal , Megnet Joint 
  • Maginfly to 1.8 times 
  • Certificate Of Authenticity 
  • Made In japan 


A magnifying glass that uses a large aspherical magnifying lens of 200 mm x 130 mm. You can magnify the object by about 1.8 times. Because it is an aspherical lens, even if you move the position of the object while working, the appearance is not distorted and it is easy to focus. Another feature is that the large lens ensures a wide field of view.

The lens can be rotated 360 degrees from the base, so you can adjust it to your preferred angle.

The stand part is L-shaped and can stand on its own either vertically or horizontally.

You can also use it when browsing the smartphone screen or reading a book.


● Quality notation
・ Lens magnification: Approximately 1.8 times
・ Body size: Height approx. 174 mm x Width approx. 260 mm x Depth approx. 250 mm
・ Weight: Approximately 600g
-Material: Lens ... Polycarbonate resin / Stand frame ... Steel (cationic coating) / Lens-Stand attachment / detachment part ... Magnet
・ Made in Japan

⚠ Precautions
-This product uses a magnet. Do not use if you are equipped with an implantable medical device that is electrically affected, such as a pacemaker. It may interfere with the normal movement of medical devices.
・ Do not look into the sun through the loupe.
・ Do not use alcohol when cleaning the lens.
・ If you get fingerprints or stains, wipe them with a soft cloth.
・ Since it is easily scratched, we recommend a soft dry cloth or chamois.
・ Since the lens has a light-collecting property, do not place it in a place where sunlight can enter. There is a risk of ignition of nearby materials
・ Please refrain from using in direct sunlight.
・ Although there are individual differences, please use it safely while taking a break.
・ Do not disassemble or modify
・ Please note that a strong impact will lead to damage.








・本体サイズ:高さ約174mm × 幅約260mm × 奥行約250mm
・材質:レンズ・・・ポリカーボネート樹脂/スタンドフレーム・・・スチール(カチオン塗装)/ レンズ・スタンド脱着部・・・マグネット
・日本製 Made in Japan



"MEGA Tired" Hobby Magnify Glass with less image distortion and defocus

SKU: TL000000001
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