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  • Ray Harryhausen Special
  • A personal magazine that is the life work of monster researcher Seisaki
  • A favorite version of "Monster Garden" is now available!
  • Vol.5 Harryhausen's Three Worlds ①
  • "Poster, Lobby Card"
  • Vol.6 The Three Worlds of Harryhausen②
  • Steel/BTS/Screenshots
  • Vol.7 Harryhausen's Three Worlds ③
  • 3D/Toys/Variety
  • New edition Vol.5, 6, 7 featuring Harryhausen
  • It has been revived with full-page color printing combined into one volume.
  • The content will be the same.
  • not handmade
  • It will be printed and bound by a company.
  • Happy Monsters Illustration: Yutaka Hashimoto
  • Total number of pages: 174 pages planned
  • *The initial production will be discontinued in early October 2022.

"Monster Garden" Ray Harryhausen Special レイ・ハリーハウゼン特集

SKU: PM000000009
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