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1/1 Life Size Studio Scale Oxygen Destroyer
created by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa in 1954 Godzilla film
Five piece was ever made during 1998, this is the only one available

  • All hand made
  • Made in Japan
  • made of solid resin cast & metal
  • weight 12 LBS
  • measure approximately 26 inch long (66 cm)
  • come with display stand & plaque
  • Certificate Of Authenticity


"1954 Godzilla" of the century, was resurrected from the Oto Island in the Seto Inland Sea. The Japan's first large monster Godzilla (founder Godzilla = first Goji) is, Tate Tokyo just nearly revived after the war to overrun (trampling), (not ... Self-Defense Forces) defense corps that has just been formed a without also mono, of destruction try as far as ... that, that like human beings = hard to chew, but it is followed by the desperate situation ...
But of one of the scientists, there is "invention" ... "underwater oxygen disrupting agent: Oxygen Destroyer" using on how to expel the "Godzilla", ... but humanity last hope has been committed, the "atomic bomb", line up with the "H-bomb", this "third ultra-destruction weapons" was born, later will it come without fail, it was feared to be used as a trump card = weapons of mass destruction of the Great War New World, " genius scientist = Serizawa (role: Akihiko Hirata) "is," colleague = Ogata to the seabed that Godzilla is lurking as a diver (role: Akira Takarada) ", leaving the diving ...
Last moment, a new weapon that has built himself, also (all of Oxygen Destroyer of knowledge and technology etc.) own life = brain, bury with Godzilla ... to the ultimate choice of ... shows the true message of this story , it is the leading to the famous last scene.
"The genius scientist who left this world with Godzilla in 1954"

Oxygen Destroyer 1:1 scale Studio Scale Prop Godzilla 1954 Dr. Daisuke Serizawa

SKU: PR000000004
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