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Ancient Monster King Zaurus III The Return of Ultraman Episode 4
Appeared in "Hisatsu! Meteor Kick".
Total length about 69 cm Height about 29 cm Resin kit
Prototype of all 22 parts

scluped by ; Hiroshi Asakawa (C) Tsuburaya Productions

The fuselage is hollow molded. The eyeballs are made of transparent resin
The head, neck, and middle part of the tail are hollow structures.


全長約69cm 高さ約29cm レジンキット

原型 浅川 洋(C)円谷プロ

胴体は、中空成型。 眼球は透明レジン製

Return Of Ultraman Kaiju King Saurus III resin model 古代怪獣キングザウルス三

SKU: MK0000000057
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