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Main disc DVD
Main story 113 minutes / 2 layers on one side / 16: 9LB scope size

①Japanese 5.1ch Dolby Digital
②Japanese 2.0ch Dolby Digital
③Barrier-free Japanese audio guide 2.0ch Dolby Digital

Subtitles: Barrier-free Japanese subtitles

Bonus disc DVD
About 80 minutes / 2 layers on one side / 16: 9 LB
Audio: Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch

<Bonus disc content (Blu-ray/DVD common)>

*Same content as the bonus DISC ① of the Blu-ray special edition 4-disc set (TBR33093D).

Promotional video collection
Special report ①/Special report ②/Special report ③/Notice/Special video/TVCM①/TVCM②/TVCM③/TVCM④
/ Ultraman Battle Scene TVCM ⑤ / Large Format Announcement PV / Misfortune Special PV
/Mefilas Famous Scenes Collection /Zarab Famous Scenes Collection /Zoffy & Zetton Famous Scenes Collection
/ Kenshi Yonezu "M87" x "Shin Ultraman" theme song music video
/ Red carpet event / Movie release commemoration! "Shin Ultraman" birth SP!

Event video collection
May 2, 2022 Completion report interview / May 9, 2022 Completion preview
/May 13, 2022・First day stage greeting/May 25, 2022・Big hit thanks stage greeting
/July 10, 2022 Special Screening in Sukagawa /November 3, 2020 Sukagawa Special Effects Archive Center Opening Event

Work information
In Japan, gigantic unknown creatures [Kaiju] have appeared one after another, and their existence has become a daily occurrence.
Conventional weapons are completely useless, and the Japanese government has reached its limit.
Established the [Katoku Tai], a dedicated group dedicated to the Special Countermeasures Office for Magnificent Beasts.
Group leader, Kimio Tamura (Hidetoshi Nishijima)
Strategy planning officer Shinji Kaminaga (Takumi Saito)
Non-particle physicist Akihisa Taki (Daiki Arioka)
General-purpose biologist Yumi Funenori (Akari Hayami)
was selected and was on duty.
A silver giant suddenly appeared from outside the atmosphere as the danger of the Calamity Beast approached.
For the disaster special, for the titan countermeasure
Analyst Hiroko Asami (Masami Nagasawa)
is newly assigned and forms a buddy with Kaminaga.
What was drawn in the report by Asami was ... [Ultraman (tentative name), identity unknown].


本編ディスク DVD
本編113分/片面2層/16:9LB スコープサイズ

①日本語5.1ch ドルビーデジタル
②日本語2.0ch ドルビーデジタル
③バリアフリー日本語音声ガイド 2.0ch ドルビーデジタル


特典ディスク DVD
音声:日本語ドルビーデジタル 2.0ch



/米津玄師 「M八七」 ×「シン・ウルトラマン」主題歌ミュージックビデオ

/2022年7月10日・特別上映会 in すかがわ/2020年11月3日・須賀川特撮アーカイブセンターオープンイベント


Shin Ultraman The Movie DVD (With Bonus Disc)

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