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スーパーロボット レッドバロン

Super Robot  Red Baron 

Jumbo Machinder

measure approximately: 24  inches  (60 cm) 

Illuminated Eyes  (coin cell battery required)

Two optional hands 

Chest cannon latch open  


Back Story: 

Super Robot Red Baron (スーパーロボット レッドバロン, Sūpā Robotto Reddo Baron) is a Japanese tokusatsu series that aired from July 4, 1973, to March 27, 1974.

It was produced by Nippon Gendai Kikaku and Senkosha Productions (Senko Planning). 


The show is set in the early 21st century where the Iron Masked Party, led by Dr. Devilar, steals giant robots built all over the world from an exhibition and kidnap their creators to form a "Robot Empire". Scientist Kenichiro Kurenai, foreseeing his capture, turns over his own super robot, Red Baron, to his younger brother Ken Kureinai. Ken is a member of SSI (Secret Science Investigation), a highly skilled team of scientists that practice ninjitsu, and uses Red Baron to aid the team in their efforts to stop the Iron Masked Party from taking over the world. Later in the series, the Iron Masked Party is revealed to be an organization from Mars and led by the renegade super computer Garis Q and intends to destroy the world as practice before taking over the universe.


Super Robot Red Baron Jumbo Vinyl figure 60 cm Jumbo Machinder

SKU: SV0000000072
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