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Limited Item , Ultra Rare
Made your own special effect movie with any mobile phone device or digital camera.


"Tsuburaya full cooperation"
Successful special effects scene as it is a miniature of the Showa era,
complete reproduction of "special effects diorama" appeared!

Tsuburaya full cooperation group was realistic in miniature of the equipment and props of special effects field,
Ultra-earnest diorama set "special effects diorama".
And the reproduction of the mid-1960s, Tsuburaya from "Ultra Q", "Ultraman",
It becomes shooting of age that had taken the "Ultra Seven".

Based on the interviews and documents to the staff of the shooting, until fine props lineup.
In modern times it has been also collected detailed and precisely reproducible difficult equipment available.

Building design and background image, Tsuburaya Productions of modeling department "LSS (Light Sculpture Studio)" is in charge,
I am finishing the gem of genuine. The equipment and Bill background of accessory
parts it becomes possible to reproduce of your own by recombining,
You can taste the fully the special effects world decorate your hand figure like.

Tsuburaya Special Effects SFX Diorama

Tsuburaya Productions Ooka Shinichi special interview published the president interview page :



point 1

Including the Arriflex 16st, and realistic various equipment and props that will exist in the special effects field.

Also, can actually dimming in the electric light unit.

Write equipment are eight in total, it can be turned of which four.

Freely can also be arranged, it is possible to set the illumination adjustment buildings and background to their liking,

Fixtures and bulbs for lighting, has been reproduced in the equipment that had been used in the shooting of the Showa era.


point 2

Shaped object, such as Bill mountain, Backdrop (Backdrop) is, Tsuburaya professional elite modeling department "LSS" is in charge.

Background picture of Horizont is also tour de force that production staff was raised to draw site.

By replacing the sheet of background picture, it will be able to reproduce the fine weather, cloudy, sunset.


point 3

That came with the truck, it is possible to attach the camera (sold separately),

it is possible to shoot the world of diorama that was raised made with their own hands.

You can easily shoot for also be installed in your existing digital camera or smartphone.

Truck, it is also possible to move along the line that comes in the same way as real shooting, you can actually taste the realism of photography.


point 4

Crane has also been included, as the actual shooting, by hanging small items, cut also can be photographed, such as skip.

Set jet Beetle "Ultraman" science special investigation team to the contents is also included.


point 5

Commentary articles and special effects techniques, also gorgeous appendix was recorded,

such as props beans knowledge shipped. Also in addition to special video aired on terrestrial,

Served as cinematographer in a number of Ultraman series work, Tsuburaya Production Ooka Shinichi President

Interview article also will be released. We deliver the very best the charm of the special effects diorama

Tsuburaya SFX Diorama set

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