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Ultimate Modeling Ultra Seven

  • By Zeem
  • Published year :2014
  • Size: 1060mm
  • Made In Japan
  • Material: PVC
  • Power: Battery type


Like Ultraman, Mr. Fuyuki Shinada is in charge of prototype production.
1m Ultra Seven born from Mr. Shinada's molding power!
Attaching and detaching the eye slugger, LED eyes and beam lamp lighting, as well as the pattern of the boots (soles of the shoes), the zippers of the gloves and boots,
The subtle unevenness of the mask, the color of each part, and the wrinkles of the suit have been completely reproduced as the "ultimate version" Ultra Seven.


【商品名】究極造形 ウルトラセブン



Ultimate Modeling UltraSeven 1M Statue 究極造形 ウルトラセブン

SKU: MQ0000000014
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