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“What do you like about biped monsters that are not four-legged monsters? 』
Guimaira was the first thing that came to mind. A giant monster representing "Ultraman 80". She was surprised herself, but the impression seemed to have been etched deep into her consciousness. It's just that it's cunning to do it instead of the orthodox figure ~. She is manipulating monsters by roaring while hiding in a cave, turning humans into monsters by emitting mysterious rays, gathering humans with a hypnotic mist, and wrapping them around their long tongues to absorb life blood, and energy. It's just like Dracula. But, even if you say so, it's still cool. It has a single giant horn on the tip of its nose, large and small spines covering its entire body, and an S-shaped silhouette. Nothing extra. It's a straight big monster.

(Komori Youichi)


Gymaira resin model kit 

Made In Japan 

material: resin

measure: 340 mm (approximately 14 inches tall)

total parts: 12 

sculpted by: Koji Sugimoto from GORT 

吸血怪獣 ギマイラ




(小森 陽一) 


全高    340mm    

重量    3200g    

パーツ数 12点    
付属品    (舌、含む)    舌パーツ)(長い・短い)    

原型 :杉本浩二




Ultraman 80 Gymaira Kaiju resin model kit (GORT) 吸血怪獣 ギマイラ

SKU: MK0000000056
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